Feeding Your Baby

Breastfeeding is going well when…

  • Your baby feeds 8-12 times per day and night (the clock is only a guide- watch your baby!)

  • At the beginning of a feed, your baby swallows with every suck, quickly in a row.

  • You may notice

    • Feeling drowsy or relaxed, and thirsty during the feed

    • Uterine cramping during or after feeds for the first several days

    • Your breast(s) feels soft afterward


This 6 minute video “Is your baby getting enough milk?”  shows how to tell if your baby is breastfeeding well.

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  • Your baby’s suck feel like a pull, not painful like a pinch or bite

    • Nipples are not cracked or bleeding

    • Teach your baby how to make breastfeeding easy with a good latch. 


This 10 minute video shows how to get a latch that makes feeding easy for your baby and comfortable for you.

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Call for breastfeeding help if your baby…

  • Has a dry mouth inside

  • Not enough wet or dirty diapers- see chart below

  • Stools are not yellow and seedy by day 5

  • Yellowish skin or whites of eyes (jaundice)

  • Does not wake to eat at least 8 times over a day and night

  • Is fussy or restless and can’t be calmed, or is sleepy and can’t feed

  • Is losing weight after day 5 or is under birth weight at 2 weeks


Or if your…

  • Nipples are painful during feeds, cracked, or bleeding

  • Breasts are not definitely feeling more full by day 4

  • Breasts still feel mostly full after breastfeeding

Always call your baby’s doctor  if you are worried about feeding.

This page with more resources can be downloaded here

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