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Maternal Mental Health Resources

You are not alone.


Mental health is just as important as food, shelter, and clothing. If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help. For some, this is a new concern that is triggered after the birth of a baby. For others, although they have been assisted with mental wellness concerns in the past, new questions arise after the birth of a baby. Whatever you may have concerns about, there are different ways to get help. Don’t wait- you are worth it.

For some mothers, counseling is enough to get back to feeling more like themselves. Others have been helped with the addition of medication. If you and your provider are considering a medication, let them know you are breastfeeding and ask your baby's doctor if that medication is safe for your baby. There are many that are safe to take with breastfeeding. Many moms have also found meditation, talking with an understanding friend, light exercise like walking, and eating healthy foods are helpful.

If you are having recurrent thoughts of self-harm or harm to another, seek help immediately-

call 911 or 988- Suicide and Crisis Lifeline.  

  • Baby Blues are experienced by about 75% of moms.

  • It lasts from a few days, up to two weeks.

  • Symptoms include: sadness, poor concentration, irritability, impatience, extreme fatigue (beyond what is common for a new mom), mild anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia.

  • It may only last a few minutes each day or it may last a few hours. Each mom is different.

  • Emotional support from family and friends and help with the baby can be enough to improve a mom’s outlook. Many find just talking about it helps, too.

Baby Blues

  • Postpartum Depression is experienced by 14% of mothers.

  • Sometimes symptoms don’t occur until many months after the birth.

  • These symptoms include:

    • sudden mood changes,

    • eating too little or too much,

    • feeling very sad and/or anxious,

    • feelings of worthlessness,

    • lack of pleasure in things that you previously enjoyed,

    • feeling disconnected from the baby and/or your significant other,

    • sleeping a lot less or a lot more.

Postpartum Depression

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