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Area Breastfeeding Help

Help is a phone call away. Call your birth hospital's lactation line, your baby's doctor office, or the Ohio Department of Health's free, 24 hour Breastfeeding Hotline- 888-588-3423

Find our downloadable list of local resources here.

Mom-to-Mom support is a cornerstone in helping moms reach their own breastfeeding goals.  These groups are lead by moms, some of which have additional breastfeeding training and knowledge. For those who need to find other breastfeeding moms, we have a list of some local groups here,  and many have FaceBook, Twitter, and/or Instagram presence. Some even have virtual meetings.


For moms enrolled in WIC, there is access to many support resources.  Find out more about what breastfeeding support is offered here or call your WIC office. 

  • WIC peer counselor-  Many WIC clinics offer peer counselors that offer mentoring, coaching, and support. A WIC peer counselor is a mother with personal breastfeeding experience who has had training in breastfeeding information and support.

  • WIC Designated Breastfeeding Expert-  Offices also have a WIC Designated Breastfeeding Expert for more complex breastfeeding problems.

Lactation Professionals-  If there is a complex issue with breastfeeding, there are many trained lactation professionals in our area.  Start by talking with your baby's doctor about who they would recommend.  Most birth hospitals have outpatient lactation consultations available, as well as area lactation consultants who are in private practice. 

Looking for a class? We have a listing here.

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what help meets your needs.  With so many types of breastfeeding assistance, how can you tell the difference?  Find out how different breastfeeding supporters can help.

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